God sets the table and invites all to receive the body and blood of Christ - Old or young, rich or poor, single, married, divorced, re-married, widowed, orphaned; all baptized Christians are welcome at the Lord's Supper.

Ministry Schedules

January 7 - April 22, 2018

Eucharistic Lectionary Year B , Daily Office Lectionary Year 2

Sunday Lector Usher Serv 1 Serv 2 Altar PryCha Notes
Jan 7 Paul Bob Ralph Haley 1 Dawn Epiphany 1b
Jan 14 Ellen Dick John Pete 2 Ellen Epiphany 2b
Jan 21 Dawn Paul Bob Linda 3 Ralph Epiphany 3b
Jan 28 Beth Jim Beth Ralph 4 Steph Epiphany 4b
Feb 4 Tina Bob Ebba Bob 1 Tina Epiphany 5b
Feb 11 Paul Dick Haley Paul 2 Dawn Last Epiphany
Feb 18 Ellen Paul Pete John 3 Ellen Lent 1b
Feb 25 Dawn Jim Linda Ebba 4 Ralph Lent 2b
Mar 4 Beth Bob Paul Beth 1 Steph Lent 3b
Mar 11 Tina Dick Ralph Haley 2 Tina Lent 4b
Mar 18 Paul Paul Bob Pete 3 Dawn Lent 5b
Mar 25 Ellen Jim Beth Linda 4 Ellen Lent 6b
Apr 1 Dawn Bob Ebba Marilyn 1 Ralph Easter
Apr 8 Beth Dick Haley Beth 2 Steph Easter 2b
Apr 15 Tina Paul Pete Bob 3 Tina Easter 3b
Apr 22 Paul Jim Linda Paul 4 Dawn Easter 4b